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  1.(四川卷7)News came from the school office ________Wang Lin had been admitted to Beijing University.
  A. which B. what C. that D. where
  2. (江苏卷34)Many young people in the West are expected to leave _____ could be life' s most important decision -- marriage -- almost entirely up to luck.
  A. as B. that C. which D. what
  3.(全国卷I 24)Could I speak to ____is in charge of International Sales please?
  A. who B. what C. whoever D. whatever
  4.(湖南卷28)She is very dear to us. We have been prepared to do _____it takes to save her life.
  A. whichever B. however C. whatever D. whoever
  5.(江西卷33)The fact has worried many scientists ______ the earth is becoming warmer and warmer these years.
  A. what B. which C. that D. though
  6.(陕西卷17)Then how to book can be of help to_____ wants to do the job.
  A who B whomever C no matter who D whoever
  7.(浙江卷12)—Is there any possibility _____ you could pick me up at the airport ?
  —No problem
  A. when B. that C. whether D. what
  8.(重庆卷31)We should consider the students’ request ___the school library provide more books on popular science.
  A. that B. when C. which D. where
  9.(北京卷31)At first he hated the new job but decided to give himself a few months to see ___ it got any better.
  A. when B. how C. why D. if
  10.(天津卷7)It is obvious to the students ______ they should get well prepared for their future.
  A. as B. which C. whether D. that
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