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  My friend Matt and I arrived at the Activity Centre on Friday evening. The accommodation wasn't wonderful, but we had everything we needed (beds, blankets, food ), and we were pleased to be out of the city and in the fresh air.On Saturday morning we met the other ten members of our group. Cameron had come along with two friends, Kevin and Simon, while sisters Carole and Lynn had come with Amanda. There were some other members I didn't know. We had come from different places and none of us knew the area.
  We knew we were going to spend the weekend outdoors, but none of us was sure exactly how. Half of us spent the morning caving while the others went rock-climbing and then we changed at lunchtime. Matt and I went to the caves (岩洞) first. Climbing out was harder than going in, but after a good deal of pushing, we were out at last. Though we were covered with mud, we were pleased and excited by what we'd done.
  This passage mainly talks about ______________.
  A. the writer's friends at the Activity Center B. the writer's experience at the Activity Center
  C. outdoor sports at the Activity Center D. how to go rock-climbing and caving
  [参考答案B] 上述这段短文的中心是说明“the writer's experience at the Activity Center.”。作者以及作者的朋友,还有组上的其他一些成员一起在活动中心度周末的一些活动以及感受。
  如:If someone asks me: “Do you like music?” I'm sure I will answer him or her: “Of course, I do.” because I think music is an important part of our lives.
  Different people have different ideas about music. For me, I like rock music because it's so exciting. And my favorite rock band, the “Foxy Ladies” (酷妹) is one of the most famous rock bands in the world. I also like pop music. My classmate LiLan loves dance music, because she enjoys dancing. My best friend, Jane, likes jazz music (爵士乐)。 She thinks jazz is really cool.
  “I like dance music and rock very much.” says my brother, “because they are amazing.”
  But my mother thinks rock is boring. “I like some relaxing (轻松的) music,” she says. That's why she likes country music, I think.
  ①The writer likes music because he thinks ____________.
  A. it's an exciting part of our lives B. it's an amazing part of our lives
  C. it's an important part of our lives
  ②What kind of music does the writer like?
  A. Rock and pop music. B. Rock and dance music. C. Jazz and country music.
  ③Who likes dancing?
  A. The writer. B. Li Lan. C. Jane.
  ④The writer's mother thinks that country music is __________.
  A. amazing B. boring C. relaxing
  ⑤ How many people's ideas about music are talked about in this passage (短文)?
  A. 4. B. 5. C. 6.
  这是几道重要事实和细节的辨认题,全是围绕短文的主题句“Different people have different ideas about music”来展开说明的,起补充举例作用。答案分别为 ① C ② A ③ B ④ C ⑤ B。
  Water is all around us. Water is in the ocean. Water is in the lakes and rivers. Water is in the air. There is more water than land on the earth. All living things must have it. We must have it, too. We cannot live without drinking water. Sometimes, we do not have all the water that we need. The land will dry up without water. Sometimes, there can be too much water in the land. If it rains very, very hard, the rain water will run down the hill. It takes some of the land with it when it runs down the hills. It is called erosion when the water takes the land away.
  “Erosion” in the passage means ____________.
  A. 地震 B. 雪崩 C. 侵蚀 D. 霜冻
  根据前面的语句If it rains very, very hard, the rain water will run down the hills. It takes some of the land with it when it runs down the hills.解释可以推知erosion是一种自然地理现象,即“侵蚀”,答案为C。
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