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  1 Do not hesitate.勇敢开口不迟疑
  Talk to whoever you can.Decide among your circle of friends that you will only talk in English witheach other. This way you can get rid of hesitation and also have your friendscorrect you when you are wrong.
  2 Start a conversation with strangers in English.跟陌生人英语交流
  Since you do not know thempersonally, you will feel less conscious about what they would feel about you.
  3 Maintaining a diary.写英语日记
  Keep a diary to record theevents of your day is a great way to practice your writing skills. Take yourtime to use new words and phrases when you write in your diary.
  4 Read the newspaper 读英语报纸
  Read it aloud when you can.Concentrate on each word. Note down the words you don’t understand and learntheir meanings. Try to use these words in your own sentences.
  5 Watch English movies and English shows on television.看美剧、原文电影
  Initially, you can read thesub-titles to follow the conversation. As you practice more, you will realizethat you are able to follow the conversation without needing to read thesub-titles.
  6 Set aside an hour every day to watch English news channels.每天一小时英语频道
  This is one of the mosteffective ways of improving your comprehension.
  7 Podcasts are available on the internet.利用网上英语有声读物
  These are audio and videofiles and many of these can be downloaded for free. These are a great way topractice listening skills and develop an understanding of different accents.
  8 Read the lyrics英文歌词也是学习的好素材
  It is usually quitedifficult for a beginner to understand the words of an English song as there isbackground music and the accent of the artist may be unfamiliar to thelistener. Read the lyrics while you listen to the song and you will comprehendbetter. Once you start following the voice of a particular singer, you willfind it much easier to understand the singer’s other songs too.
  9 Record your own voice and listen to it录音练习,反复矫正
  You will notice hesitationsand pauses. You may also notice that you make some grammatical mistakes whilespeaking that you do not make while writing. You must aim to improve andrectify these mistakes in subsequent recordings.
  10 Ask people who speak better for advice取长补短,虚心求教
  There is no shame in seekinghelp especially if you are trying to improve yourself. Talk to them in Englishand ask them to correct you whenever you are wrong.
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